The ‘Visa vägen’ award inspires

ESMA nominerat till Visa vägen-priset

This year, like last year, ESMA was nominated in Samhall’s “Visa vägen” award for the cooperation with Samhall staff in Spånga. The award draws attention to both employers and driving spirits who “leads the way” (visar vägen in Swedish) by working inclusively and helping to stop exclusion in the labour market in exceptional ways.

Unfortunately, this time ESMA didn’t make it to the finals. In our region, Stockholm/Uppsala, Bactiguard – a medical technology company based in Botkyrka – was named the best employer of the year. They then went on to win the title in the big country finale this week, winning the prize for an inclusive leadership and continuous strive for diversity in the workplace. 

At ESMA we take this year’s defeat as a challenge and promise to be back next year!

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