ESMA + Samhall, a success story

ESMA in Spånga has a long-term cooperation with the company Samhall in the neighbouring site. A win-win solution, where Samhall’s employees train at ESMA to get into the job market, and ESMA gets dedicated and proud consultants in the right place. ESMA was recently nominated for the prize “Visa Vägen” as Employer of the Year (CSR = Corporate Social Responsibility).

Logistikkonsulter från Samhall på ESMAs lager

Creates developmental work

Samhall, owned by the Swedish government, is a world leader in their area and one of the country’s biggest employers. The company’s mission is to create developmental work for people with disabilities. Every year, Samhall delivers the prize “Visa Vägen”, highlighting employers and enthusiasts who have contributed to opening up the job market for people with disabilities during the past year.

Continuous customer deliveries

In 2011 Samhall moved its premises to ESMA’s neighbouring site in Spånga. Since then the cooperation between the companies has developed more and more. At present ESMA and Samhall jointly employ about fifty people in Spånga. Every Thursday for the last four years, Samhall employees have seen to it that, with very short lead times, tool-kits have been packed and sent off to Volvo Trucks.

A way of breaking the exclusion

“With Samhall we have found a collaboration that favours both parties. We are excited to help break the exclusion people with disabilities, and others outside the job market, often can experience,” says Lars Lüdtke at ESMA.

Developing together

Samhall’s model means that people are employed at Samhall for work training. The goal is that the employees leave Samhalleventually, for a proper employment. “In ESMA we have found a great partner who can contribute to our employees’ development,” says Jimmy Wallmo, Area Manager at Samhall in Spånga. “The collaboration began with easier tasks, such as labelling. We have developed together over time, and now the employees are working with more advanced tasks.”

New employment at ESMA

A couple of years ago ESMA also started hiring people from Samhall. “It is our goal to match the right person with the right work, and at ESMA this has turned out really well” continues Jimmy Wallmo at Samhall. “ESMA and its environment have been a really good match for some of our employees. We are very pleased that this long-term relationship also leads to employment.”

The relationship is the biggest profit

And the prize “Visa vägen”? Unfortunately, ESMA did not reach the finals – but ESMA sees the nomination as proof of a good relationship. “Having found such a developing collaboration, that’s already a great reward,” concludes Lars Lüdtke at ESMA.


Would you like to know more about ESMA’s work for breaking the exclusion in the job market? Please contact Lars Lüdtke at or at 08-474 42 71.

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