Record donation to the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund

We summarize this year's Team Rynkeby project together with the TRGM Stockholm team, which ESMA proudly sponsors. Read more »

New employees, visits in Europe and full speed on the packaging line at E&K

E&K Tech Ltd continues its development with several new employees and customer visits around Europe. Read more »

The ‘Visa vägen’ award inspires

This year, like last year, ESMA was nominated in Samhall's "Visa vägen" award for the cooperation with Samhall staff in Spånga. Read more »

ESMA’s partner MARTIN GmbH general contractor when the Högdalen plant is rebuilt and improved

An extensive upgrade of the waste combustion plant Högdalen has just started, where the two oldest lines will be replaced with one new. Read more »

Meet Calle – new Sales Engineer at ESMA

Meet Calle Steenberg Lose, junior sales engineer with quite an exciting background. Read more »

ESMA’s logistic work – certified world class quality

ESMA's customers work increasingly according to the principles of lean manufacturing, balancing output with demand. It is essential that the right components are at the right place at the right time for the production to run smoothly. Read more »

Flexible straps around the gas tanks of a new truck model

How do you make tank straps that adapt to gas tanks that vary in size? Thanks to a built-in spring function and ESMA's global network of suppliers, the solution is a product of high quality with a competitive price. Read more »

E&K in new premises in Shenzhen, China

E&K is continuously expanding its business with more and bigger commitments. They are now up and running in their new premises. Read more »

Biking to Paris raising money for seriously ill children

On Saturday 1 900 cyclists in teams from six Nordic countries launch a joint bike ride to Paris, as part of the charity project Team Rynkeby - God Morgon. ESMA's sponsors Team Rynkeby Stockholm, who are now making the final preparations. Read more »

Meet Tomas Gylfe, new sales engineer at ESMA

Tomas Gylfe is our new sales engineer at ESMA’s Stockholm office since a couple of months. We had the opportunity to ask him some questions. Read more »