ESMA’s partner MARTIN GmbH general contractor when the Högdalen plant is rebuilt and improved

Högdalenverket, run by Stockholm Exergi (the City of Stockholm and Fortum in a joint venture), is a waste combustion plant that produces electricity and district heating. An extensive upgrade of the plant has just started, where the two oldest lines will be replaced with one new.


ESMAs partner MARTIN GmbH is the general contractor in this project, delivering the combustion system, steam boiler, flue gas cleaning system and ancillary lots to the new line. The two oldest boilers, P1 and P2 which came into operation 1970, will be replaced with the new boiler P8, which will be built at the same place where P1 stands today.

MARTIN – experts at waste combustion plants

For almost 90 years, MARTIN GmbH has been a general contractor, consortium partner, a supplier of components or engineering partner within the field of combusting problematic fuels. Their core competency lies in the design and construction of combustion plants and covers all areas from design, planning and actual construction of the plant, to consultancy support, service and delivery of spare parts.

Modern waste-to-energy plants are technically quite complex. Besides competency within construction, profound knowledge about waste as fuel, flue gas and decay products is needed, to be able to successfully plan, build and implement waste combustion plants.

The limited amount of space a challenge

The fact that Högdalenverket has decided to build the new boiler in the same place as the two older ones, is a great advantage, says Angelika Andersson-Duraj at ESMA, who has supported Martin GmbH in the contract process.

“When you’re building in the same place, you can connect the boiler directly to the system that is used today. This advantage is at the same time one of the project’s big challenges since there is limited space available on site” says Angelika.

Uninterrupted heat production

During the project, the aim is to keep the production of electricity and district heating up and running in the existing facilities without interruptions. The dependability of the district heating system is of great importance.

A higher degree of efficiency with the new line

The steam that is produced in the combustion is converted into electricity in a steam turbine. The residual energy is then fed into Stockholm’s district heating. The new line is a technical upgrade of the district heating production, with a higher input-output level, and even better performance. The gross heat release is 54.1 MW and the 3-run reverse-acting grate Vario has a total width of 6.32 m.

Up and running in 2021

According to the time plan, P1 will be taken out of operation and demolition will start next year, in the spring. During 2019-2020, the new steam boiler P8 will be built. By summer 2020, the plan is to start tests and to stop P2. The new boiler is expected to be in operation by March 2021, and then the demolition of P2 can also be done.

As MARTIN’s representative in Sweden for more than 30 years, we at ESMA share the joy of this great order with them and look forward to following the project.

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