ESMA’s logistic work – certified world class quality

ESMA’s customers work increasingly according to the principles of lean manufacturing, balancing output with demand. It is essential that the right components are at the right place at the right time for the production to run smoothly. For ESMA as a supplier, this means that all deliveries must be perfect: Nothing else is approved.

ESMA's MMOG/LE results

In the automotive industry, where some of ESMA’s customers operates, MMOG/LE (Materials Management Operations Guidelines/Logistics Evaluation) is used for independent assessments of an organization’s logistics functions. OEM companies and suppliers use it to ensure they have handle materials efficiently in regards to time and cost. MMOG/LE focuses on an analysis of improvement potential and is adapted to the ISO/TS 16949 quality standard. MMOG/LE is developed by two industry organizations in the automotive industry; European Odette and AIAG in the United States. It assesses the areas:

• Strategy and improvement
• Labour organization
• Capacity and production planning
• Interaction / interface to customer
• Production & product control
• Interaction/interface with suppliers

The assessments within the different areas are summarised, and the result shows the company’s total logistic capacity in Class A, B or C. To achieve A, the best rating, a result over 90% in MMOG/LE is required.

97/100 – ESMA’s logistics work is on a high level

In spring this year ESMA was reviewed in a new MMOG/LE assessment and verification by Odette. In the evaluation, ninety questions about everything from business systems to work descriptions were answered.

“We follow a fictional product throughout the delivery chain, internal handling and delivery,” says Martin Wärn, Lead Assessor at AB Volvo, and the person who verified ESMA’s assessment.

“MMOG/LE assesses the ability to handle capacity increases and continuous improvements,” says Martin.

“During the 15 years I have worked with MMOG, more and more companies have come to realize the importance of a good assessment result – which of course benefits the entire industry.”

Important quality indicator

ESMA’s results, 97% is an explicit A rating.

“We are very proud of the good result in this assessment,” says Lars Lüdtke at ESMA. “It is a receipt that our way of working with logistics is efficient and ensures a high delivery precision”.

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