DODUCO impresses with a wide range of expertise and services

At ESMA we are proud of our long-lasting collaborations with producers around the world. Today we’d like to tell you about one of them; DODUCO in Germany, whose products you come in contact with quite often – if not daily. They are built into different types of switches and contactors, used everywhere where we break electricity; for instance in cars and in the walls of our homes.

DODUCO is the world’s leading company in electrical contacts. The company has almost 100 years of experience in precious metal processing and possesses a broad knowledge of power-supplying electrical components. They are also one of the few suppliers of contact materials and precious metal components to Swedish companies in the telecom, energy technology, automotive and packaging industries


ESMA – DODUCO’s agent on the Swedish market

ESMA is DODUCO’s representative on the Swedish market for more than forty years. Tomas Gylfe, sales engineer here at ESMA, tells us that DODUCO has enormous expertise in contact materials and processing of precious metals.

“The fact that DODUCO has such a wide range of expertise and services makes them a very big player at this market,” says Tomas.

A supplier to trust

With everything from material selection, semi-manufactured products, contact parts and contact rivets for punching technology, electromechanical components, surface and coating technology and precious metal recycling in their offering, they are a very reliable supplier in all stages of development and manufacturing of contact materials.

“I would say that DODUCO has knowledge and capacity that cannot be found anywhere else in the industry,” says Tomas.

New exciting solutions

DODUCO’s long experience along with a great focus on research and development gives them unique opportunities to combine different technologies. This results in both innovative and economically optimized processes, but also in new solutions such as AlCunnect, which combines the incredible conductivity in copper with the lightness and heat dissipation in aluminium. AlCunnect has won great successes within the industry of batteries for vehicles and energy storage.

Would you like to know more about developing high quality, reliable and cost-effective solutions within contact materials? Send an e-mail to Tomas Gylfe.

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