Collaboration makes for more efficient manufacturing

ESMA has initiated cooperation in product development and test rigging with Trosam Automation in Stockholm.

Rotating lathe

Trosam has expertise in the entire product development chain, ranging from concept generation through calculation, construction and testing to production substrates. They offer both shorter selective measures, such as drawing work with tolerancing, and overall commitments where Trosam runs the entire development project.

“The collaboration means that we can now take production aspects into account early on in our development. That enables us to develop solutions that have good functionality, and that can be manufactured most efficiently”, says Joakim Trobeck, CEO of Trosam.

ESMA is also very pleased with the cooperation with Trosam.

“We have worked together in a project during this year. In a short time we have been able to develop a whole new concept and turn it into production bases”, says Karl Haglund at ESMA.

In addition to product development, Trosam can also offer both test and test assignments and the development of entire test rigs for internal tests at customer locations.

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