What we do

You are working on a new construction, and need new parts and components you have not worked with before. As we all do, you google and research online to find a number of different suppliers. But what component solution is the best and most cost-effective? Which of the suppliers should you choose? Who delivers with the exact quality and delivery reliability you expect? How do you solve the transport so that it will be best both temporal, economically and environmentally? And what is the best solution for your stock?

Rest assured. We at ESMA specialize in optimizing and customizing components and logistics solutions for the manufacturing industry.

Cutting processes

Cutting processes is one of ESMA's major areas of activity. The method can be used for the production of parts in most of the available materials, ranging from simpler components to high precision components with tight tolerances, in both small and large series. Read more »


Fasteners have been one of the foundations of ESMA's business since the beginning in 1951, and it is still one of our biggest areas. Read more »

Forging and cold forming

ESMA collaborates closely with several different suppliers with various specialist skills in forging and pressing around the world. Read more »

Sintering and MIM

With sintering, you can create complex components that get their final shape with little or no processing. Read more »


The casting process involves melting a material (usually a metal) into a mold to get a finished component. Read more »

Punching, bending and springs

At ESMA, we work with a wide network of manufacturers, offering punched and bent components ranging from simple cutting tools to complex large stamping transfer tools. Read more »


Plastics as construction materials have developed a lot in recent decades. Today, plastic can endure both extreme cold and heat without cracking or melting. Read more »

Contact material

Since more than 40 years, ESMA is one of the few suppliers of contact materials and precious metal components to companies in the telecom, energy engineering, automotive and packaging industries. Read more »


Vespel® is a high-performance polyimide from DuPont™, which is used in applications with friction, wear or high temperatures. Read more »

Polyurethane (PUR or PU)

Polyurethane, PUR or PU, as it is also called, is a flexible material with properties that make it convenient to use almost everywhere. Read more »