SONA BLW builds new plant in Hungary

To meet the market’s need for precision forged and processed components, ESMA’s partner SONA BLW has invested in a new processing unit in Polgár, Hungary.

SONA BLW plant in Polgàr, Hungary

SONA BLW Group is a producer of precision forged components for the automotive industry and ESMA’s partner since many years. Their product range consists of bevel gears, synchroniser rings, shafts, as well as motor and transmission components.

SONA BLW’s new facility in Hungary, which was brought into operation about a year ago, uses forged material from Germany and focuses on cutting processing, heat treatments, and stock control. Investments of 13,5 million euros are planned in the coming five years. The Polgár plant will, when it is fully expanded in five years, employ 130 people.

SONA BLW has three other precision forging plants in Germany and employs more than 2300 people globally.

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