Meet Calle – new Sales Engineer at ESMA

In our series about ESMA’s coworkers, you can find out more about the people of ESMA. We have met with Calle Steenberg Lose, one of our newest employees who has quite an exciting background.

Calle Steenberg Lose, junior sales engineer ESMA

Hi Calle, what do you do at ESMA?

I work as a Junior Sales Engineer. At the moment I’m learning about ESMA and all the tasks that are included in my role. I try to help out in as many projects as possible, that way I learn faster. I enjoy assisting clients in the projects and learning new things.

How have your first weeks been?

The first couple of weeks have been great. There are many new things to learn and of course, it takes some time to learn to speak Swedish. But everybody is very nice, I enjoy getting to know my new colleagues and get more and more things to do.

What did you do before you came to ESMA?

The last three and a half years I’ve been studying mechanical engineering in Denmark. During my studies, I specialized in FEM (finite element method), which I thought was exciting. During my education, I also spent one and a half years at Grundfos with the engine mechanics team, first as a trainee and then as a student worker, working with solutions for optimizing pump engines.

So, who is Calle?

I am a social person who likes sports. Growing up, I lived in several different countries; I have lived in China, Germany, Abu Dhabi and Denmark. After my education, I was looking for a change. I decided to move to Stockholm because I think this is a great city to live and work in.

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