Flexible straps around the gas tanks of a new truck model

How do you make tank straps that adapt to gas tanks that vary in size? Thanks to a built-in spring function and ESMA’s global network of suppliers, the solution is a product of high quality with a competitive price.

In more and more cities around Europe, trucks that run on diesel are prohibited because of the emissions they release as well as the noise level.

One of ESMA’s customers now launches a truck powered by gas instead of diesel. Using gas as a fuel provides several advantages. The truck is much quieter than the corresponding diesel truck, which allows it to run in the cities at night. The new truck may also run in the cities that have or will introduce diesel bans.

Built-in spring function for varying tank sizes

To this gas truck, ESMA has been commissioned to deliver the tank straps, which are the bands that hold the gas tanks in place. Unlike the bands on a regular diesel tank, which are quite simple, the gas tank straps are a much more complicated product. The size of the gas tank varies depending on the temperature and the degree of filling. In order for the tank strap to withstand, it has got a built-in spring function.

Components from ESMA’s global network with local assembly in Sweden

The tank straps consist of several components manufactured by ESMA’s partners around the world. Six forgings are produced by our partner Schraner in Poland, sprints and screws are produced by a screw manufacturer in China, the distance nuts by our Taiwan partners, the washers from our subsidiary E&K in China and the spring package is supplied by our partner Thuveprofiler located in Nybro. Thuveprofiler is also responsible for the machining of the forgings as well as the assembly of the complete tank strap. The assembly takes place in cooperation with Del-ta, a local company in Nybro and Kalmar that creates meaningful employment for people who are struggling to compete in the labour market.

The tank strap consists of many components. Through ESMA’s global network of manufacturers, we have been able to produce a product with a competitive price and high quality.

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