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About ESMA

Unique knowledge and broad networks provide the best solutions

We are passionate about creating technically and economically optimized component solutions for our customers – with quality and delivery reliability in focus. Through years of successful work, we have accumulated a unique experience and knowledge of the most – and the best – manufacturing methods and manufacturers on the global component market.

Our knowledge also allows us to use proven technologies in new ways. With an independent position and a broad network of suppliers, we help you find the solution that is most cost-effective and best meets your needs.

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Valuable world-class suppliers

We cooperate with some of the best manufacturers and suppliers within their respective areas around the world. We have long partnerships with companies for lower volumes of high quality and specialized production across Europe. We also work closely with many manufacturers in Japan, Taiwan and China, who can manufacture high volumes when production involves a large proportion of manual work.

We are proud of our relationships and make sure to take good care of them so that they can grow and continue to improve. Since knowledge is a fresh product, we often visit our suppliers – to learn more and bring new inspiration home to our customers. We are also constantly working to expand our network of contacts with additional stars on the market so that our offer can be even more favourable.

Optimized flow with ESMA´s logistics centre

Once you have found the right supplier, we know how important it is that you get your components just when you need them. We know what it costs to stop production or to stock more than necessary. We assist you to manage manufacturing, transportation and warehousing as easily as possible for you.

ESMA has its own logistics centre in Sweden and China. Shenzhen is one of China’s most important trading areas for small and medium-sized enterprises and one of the first free trade areas in China. We cooperate with our affiliated company E&K with quality assurance and grouping delivery of smaller volumes to ensure the best quality while keeping down the costs for our customers in Europe and the USA.

In Sweden, we have our logistics centre in Spånga, on the outskirts of Stockholm. Here we handle several thousand tons of goods every year, out of which approximately 20 percent are exported and shipped to countries in North and South America and Northern Europe.

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Sales representation in Sweden

Since many years, ESMA acts as a sales agent in the Swedish market for several companies around the world. If you’re looking to expand into the Swedish market, ESMA can be your local guide and representative, handling everything from business development, project support both during the project phase and later during serial deliveries when quality and logistic issues occur.

As a supplier within the Swedish manufacturing industry for more than 60 years, we recognize the actors in our market well. We know their demands, we know what they are looking for right now – and we know where you as a supplier can contribute in the best possible way.

We always visit our partners’ production units, to assure quality and processes are in place before we start working together. We have long relations with our cooperation partners and take great pride in being a qualitative link between customers and you as a supplier.

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Contact us today

After six decades in the manufacturing industry and with constant knowledge update, we know how quality looks. We know which ones are good. We know where to look, what to look for to get the best possible component solution and how to transport your components as efficiently as possible.

Contact us today, for a successful future. Together.

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